5 working weight loss tips for rapid fat loss - 2nd is the easiest

Want to shed that extra kilos, or shed that first kilo, it ain't has been easy, has it.??

Internet is full of weight loss tips which do not take the science behind the weight loss into consideration and hence either don't work completely or leave something to be desired.

 I have been into health management and weight loss journey since a long time.

And have all the experience to share which will help you loose that sticky fat from your tummy.

All the weight loss tips mentioned below are not just random rants but proven ways to loose weight as fast as possible.

I am writing about these after implementing these on myself first.

Not everyone is blessed like Ectomorph's (the skinny guys who never seem to gain weight)

People who can eat a whole elephant and still look skinny...

I know you are here because you are tired of trying multiple ways to loose fat.

And guess what, none of them worked? or they are extremely hard...

And most of your diet looks somewhat like this, in an attempt to loose weight fast.

Loosing weight is not difficult if you know how to target the enemy.

But there's one thing which needs to be done right, and that is setting the right expectations.

You didn't eat a lot of food in one day and woke up over weight the other morning, it happened over a due course of time.
So, if fat accumulated over a course of time then obviously, it will disappear accordingly.

What can you do about it?

But there is something you can do to make it faster than usual.

You can direct your body to concentrate on weight management rather than something else, and the Key is FOCUS.

Here we talk about the science and also some intricate details without which these methods won't work.

Now before we start, there are certain things which you need to understand and have in handy.

First you need to calculate the calories required to sustain your current weight.

 Head over to Caloriecounter, fill in the form and calculate your maintenance calories.

Maintenance calorie is the amount of calorie needed by your body to maintain what you are today.

Anything more than that and you will gain more weight, and anything less than that you are loosing weight.
Your daily calorie intake < Maintenance Calorie = Weight loss Indeed.

Your daily calorie intake > Maintenance Calorie = Weight gain Indeed.
See its not that difficult.

Assuming your maintenance calories to be 2500 for the day.

If you eat 2400 calories you will start loosing weight but at a slower rate as you are in a very little deficit.

A deficit of 4500 to 5000 calories will contribute to half a pound of weight loss.

This has to be achieved gradually.

A fast for 2 days will create a deficit of 5k calories but don't expect to loose anything other than water weight.

In other words fasting alone wont do much but correct eating is all you need.

Reducing 400 to 600 calories everyday is best and healthy.

In that way, you will be in a deficit of 5000 calories in 10 days and you will set off on the weight loss journey.

5 sure ways to loose weight easily which works

So now we know about maintenance calories and we can now proceed further.

Here are the 10 proven ways to loose weight fast, so fasten your seat belts:

1. Maintain calorie deficit to loose weight:

Loosing weight is as easy as maintaining a calorie deficit of few hundred calories.

You, can track calories through many apps available on apps both for android and iOS.

MyFitnessPal being my favorite.

So just maintain the calorie deficit and no matter what you eat, you will loose weight.

You can even binge on pizzas and keep loosing the weight. How good is that now.

2. Intermittent Fasting - Best Weight loss tip in the industry:

One of the easiest and the best way to loose weight and fat.

This weight loss tips is the easiest because you can eat to your liking's without exercise and still loose weight provided you maintain the calorie deficit and eat within the window.

IF refers to a restricted eating window in the day and extended period of fasting.

There are many forms of IF but here I will discuss the most effective ones here.
Pro Tip: 16/8: Fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours, generally those 8 hours can be anywhere as per your convenience but its better if it ends 3 to 4 hour before your bed time. This works wonders in a very short period of time.
I find eating window of 10 am to 6 pm ideal for me.

Now there are two ways you can target IF.

Either keep eating whatever you were earlier but restricted to in 8 hours and you will still loose fat.

Chances are very likely that you wont be able to stuff yourself completely in that short duration and you will automatically eat less.
Pro Tip: The trick is not in eating less but the trick lies in the fasting window of 16 hours.
Or you can create a calorie deficit deliberately and turbo boost your weight loss.

What you eat is your choice though.

No restrictions on that but reducing sugars and eating to healthy food will only be beneficial for thee in the long run.

3. Exercise - Weight Training.

Hitting the gym and working your pants off is another classic way of loosing weight.

But there is a catch.

Not every one is successful thought, ever wondered why?

Because just running on treadmill is not enough.

Or working on your biceps doing those curls wont help you loose fat.

Cardio would help loose weight while doing cardio, so if you burn off 200 calories you are doing enough to get there.

Doing bicep in gym is another waste of time because biceps including triceps and forearms traps, these are very small muscles and wont do any good.

Why it wont do any good is because of the fact how you loose weight in weight training.

You work out and break the muscle fibers in your body.

Your body in turn repairs them and requires a huge amount of energy.

As you are already in calorie deficit part of that energy would come from the stored fats in your body.
Pro Tip: If you break big muscle groups like chest, back, legs etc then energy requirement will be more to repair these muscles thus a greater fat loss.
If you just hit your biceps then little to no energy will be spent repairing it which can be provided from your food itself thus no fat loss.

4. Ketogenic Diet - Not just loose weight but also gain tremendous health:

Keto diet is gaining huge popularity among the masses and why not, its extremely efficient and you can shed that body fat within lesser time comparatively.

In fact almost all the websites on weight management have this at the top of their weight loss tips list.

In Keto diet you limit your carb intake and increase your fat and protein requirement.

Remember one thing though, carb should be extremely taken in very less quantities.

Protein is a requirement, carb is a limit and fat is in moderation.

The reason this diet works is that fats are calorie dense food and will automatically compel you to eat less.

But if you go gaga over fats  you sure are not going to loose any fat.
 * This is hard to follow, very costly and extremely easy to get wrong diet.

5. Fat burners :

These are fat burners in the market which can tremendously help you loose weight fast.

But they may pose health risks as well.

Some of the fat burners which work are Black Mamba and Hydroxycut.

These fat burners increase your heat rate thus causing your heart to work more and in turn you loose weight sitting idle, but light/ heavy exercise along with a fat burner goes a long way in loosing that fat even faster.

Some fat burners contains ephedra, an extremely harmful substance but tremendously effective.

Its Its banned by FDA stay away from anything which contains these.

Though you may get results faster but long term health implications are many.

So what are safe fat burners?

Safest fat burners is L Carnitine.

What it does is mobilize the fat in your body to the mitochondria which can utilize it to do certain tasks which require energy like running etc.

But then again you need to work out in order to use that energy else that will again be stored back to your tummy.

There is a very important fact to be noted while fasting and creating a calorie deficit.
Pro Tip: The most important tip on taking L-Carnitine is that it needs to be taken after a carb meal. As L-Carnitine works with insulin and taking it on empty stomach won't reap it's fat mobilizing potential, keep that in mind.
Our body is very smart and will adapt to the new eating pattern and will stall your weight progress.

For example.

If you are maintaining a daily calorie intake of 1800 calories and your maintenance calorie is 2200.

Your body will think after a week or two that there is shortage of resources and hence may enter starvation mode in which it will slow down and try to stop weight loss as much as possible.

So to prevent this from happening the body should be kept in confused state by infusing two days in a week or one day in a week with relatively higher calorie intake.

So the body does not goes into starvation mode.

This is a very important takeaway and this is the reason why many people initially loose weight but stop showing any further progress after a week or so.

If you think you learned something from these weight loss tips or you have suggestion for this article do leave in your comments, they help us create more valuable content for our readers.


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