Boat Headphone - Basshead 900, Budget King

I am always in search for a good pair of headphones, always...

Being a music lover, a good pair of headphones are always necessary, and this comes from a person who already owns Grado's and Sennheisers. (Grado sr60i and sennheiser 202 II to be precise).

Music is not just the representation of the instruments and vocal but music is Accurate representation of instrument and vocals in the virtual head space which these headphones create.

Give it a try, put on a crap piece of headphones and listen to the highest quality recording you posess.

You may enjoy the music for some time but if asked to pin point the instruments, like cymbals crashing, pluck of the guitar, placement of violin etc, you will feel hopeless answering this.

At first, you may even argue, that you don't want to be bothered with these kind of details and you can still enjoy your music without it.

But, the difference in music between a cheap headphone and a premium one lets say Grado is the same difference as in a cheap sofa and a recliner.

you are good till you haven't used a recliner, but once you have used, there is no going back from there, no way.

Once you experience the instrument separation and imaging of the premium headphone, you will unfold new dimensions of music listening experience.

Imagine experiencing, tabla from right, violin from left, guitar from top and saxophone from top left, and vocals from middle, and you can also hear the soft whispers of the fingers touching the chords of the guitar...

that will put  a smile on your face and you know now, there is no going back from here

So, I would urge you to try the recliner, aka premium headphones and enjoy what you have been missing before.

Introducing Boat headphone - Basshead 900 (Wired).

Build and Design:

Build and design quality is excellent, as you can see from the image below, it can swivel from from two points.

Even the ear cups can swivel resulting in a snug fit. 

The band is extendable in case you cranium demands.

The memory foam is soft and the PU leather material is good enough to not cause sweating and provide a pleasurable listening experience.

The fit is a bit tight though, but again, this is what helps in that snug fit and good noise cancellation.

Have a look at the 3.5 mm connector quality.

Brands much above this price point also won't provide you with this quality.

Sound Quality:

Coming to the main topic, how this sounds?

Phenomenal for the price, and it's the only reason i thought of spreading the word, so that you can experience the quality too...

These are no audiophile material cans but excellent for that casual listening even for audiophiles and moderate bass heads.

Balance Test: Radio head - The National Anthem

This is the song which puts the headphones to accurate balance testing with multi directional acoustics and electronics.

Boat Basshead 900 easily passes this test with firing all the acoustics in every direction intended.


Ohh Boy, made for the bass lovers i believe, it's going to shake everything from your medula oblongata till your cranium.

I certainly could feel my ear shaking without amping, which explain how bad these cans can get.

The headphone rattles with bass and sub bass without affecting other frequencies.

Thats what makes these special.

I had cheap sony zx series and xb series cans, which supressed other frequencies while rendering bass and sub bass.

And those were much costlier than Boat headphone Basshead 900.

Trance music sounds heaven.

I tested these cans and believe me, i could head as lower as 3Hz on these cans.

Can you believe 3Hz on a 700 Rs. INR  (10$) headphone. That's insane.

Just listen to Ini Kamoze - World-A-Music, a song for bassheads, and you won't leave without a smile.


For testing midrange, the best song is - Baby Plays Around by Anne Sofie von Otter.

Open and spacious rendering of the instruments sprinkled with minuscule details is what makes this song an excellent choice.

Midrange comes out beautifully in this headphone. Very melodious, and well calibrated.

I would say, along with sub bass, mid range is the specialty of this can.


From the upper Mid range from about 4 kHz the headphone struggles and crash around 8 kHz.

So it's evident that highs are not the meatiest part of these bad boys.

To test the highs you can listen to the song Born, Never asked by Laurie Anderson.

This songs has distant hand claps, block hits and marimba strikes.

It's relatively hard for an average pair of headphones to keep up with the speed of these acoustics while rendering them in their own distinct space.

As already mentioned this headphone is not that great for rendering highs but it tries none the less.

It manages to keep up with the speed and also almost accurately renders the composition in the distinct space but fails to reach up high enough to make an impact.


I had to write this review, and it's not at all paid.

It's and inspired review, by the traits of this Boat Headphone.

I was so moved by the cans quality at this price point that i decided to inspire others to try it out. 

Sometimes i prefer this to my Grados and Sennheisers. The imaging and surround sound experience these bad boys put out at this price point is amazing.

Again, these will not blow your mind if you don't consider the price at which they sell. These are not going to replace your ath m50, or AD700 but they sure are not going to sit idle in your collection.


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