Create SubDomain in GoDaddy without hosting - link with Blogger

Hey there !!

Creating subdomain without hosting is a topic which i found very less material on web.

I remember, I had to search a lot to find the relevant information.

Creating a subdomain through hosting using cpanel is easy and there are a lot of material available on the internet.

Which is why i decided to make a complete tutorial of making multiple sub domains on GoDaddy withiut hosting and link with blogger.

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain which is a part of a larger domain and in this case your primary domain.

Why SubDomains?

A note before we start, you must already be in possession of a primary domain with any of the domain registrars.

Your domain could be or anything which depicts your blog/website.

Now coming to the question why subdomain?

Assume you have a primary blog/website named where you write about some interesting topics.

Now you want to expand your work and venture in a new category, health.

You now have two choices, either get another domain myhealthyblog or anything which you fancy, or create a free subdomain.

Now buying a new domain is gonna cost you approx 13-15 $ (1000-1200 INR) yearly, including taxes and domain privacy protection ( if you opt for one, and you should)

Now after a few months you either are pretty satisfied with your efforts or want to move on to  a new niche altogether or expand further.

Either way, you again have two choices as mentioned above. Buy a new one or create a free sub domain.

So now you can create your free subdomain, and it won't cost you a dime.

You can use your subdomain to host your new blog/website.

Creating subdomain in godaddy

Here lies the main problem, there is no label in godaddy which states "Create a subdomain".

If you are aware about CNAMES and A records, you would probably know, that these are the tech terms to look at.

And these are the terms, which will help you achieve what you want, a subdomain.

But you either never heard of CNAMES or don't recall their purpose just yet.

But in reality, it's terribly easy to create a subdomain in godaddy, all you need is to configure the CNAME properly.

Linking that subdomain to blogger is even more easier.

I created a domain for my blogger account so i will use that example as a demonstration here.

Lets get started

Log into godaddy domain as shown below:

After that click on your primary domain ( in this case), post which you will be presented with a screen as shown below:

Click on Manage DNS as shown above, a screen will open as shown below:

The A records which you see above was used to link the primary domain to blogger, you might remember it if you linked your blogger acccount with godaddy.

You don't need to enter anything just yet, just click on Add button as shown above which will open a form as shown below:

This is where the magic happens, just follow the directions as stated.

Type: CNAME, host will carry your subdomain name which ever you fancy. 

Host: whatever subdomain you desire, for ex., health. Dont add primary domain name, just the subdomain name.

Points to: In case you want to link with Blogger, this value will be and leave TTL (time to live) to the default and click on Save.

If you want to link it to somewhere else then use that address.

There is something called propagation time during which the DNS setting changed by you gets activated and pushed across all the servers.

Which means the changes you just made, won't immediately come into effect but may take anywhere from few minutes to 24 hours.

Usually if things went smooth, you will be good to go within 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes open your blogger

Navigate to Settings -> Basic and then enter the data as shown in the image above.

Blog address: your created subdomain + your primary domain.

For ex., the subdomain you created was health and your primary domain is

Then you will enter

After these settings,  your blogger will now point to the newly created subdomain.

This tutorial assumes, that you already had attached blogger to your primary domain and needed tips on connecting subdomain to blogger.

If your primary domain is not connected then you may need another set of settings which will be discussed in another tutorial.

Do leave a comment if this article helped you or drop in your questions, if you have further queries.


  1. Thank you for sharing this guide with us.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks buddy for sharing this great and easy guide with us. I was searching on this topic for a long time but haven't found any detailed guide like this yet. Credits go to you for writing this, and the best part is visual content.

    The way you have described this with the help of pictures is just excellent, and people can now easily create a subdomain in Goddady.

    I have a couple of blogs related to Moringa oleifera, and now after reading your post I can create a subdomian in Godaddy.

    Also, please guide me about how to generate an SSL key?

    Thank you in advance. And carry on the great work, I wish you loads of success.

    1. Glad it helped you Peter.

      If you are looking to activate ssl for your website, godaddy doesn't offer it for free, also your hosting needs to do it rather than the domain provider. If you have blogger, SSL has to be activated from blogger itself, pretty easy.

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