Time Travel - things you once thought were impossible

Time Travel

We all have done time travel, intriguing isn't?

But we travel with the time. Not faster nor slower.

If we take an hour into account, we travel 1 hour per hour.

What Time Travel actually mean would be to travel either slower than 1 hour per hour or faster than 1 hour per hour.

We actually have achieved time travel

Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, shows that time is relative to speed.

Which means faster you move, slower the time moves.

Lets take astronauts into account, at the space station they actually move faster than us on Earth.

Which technically means, they should already be time travelers, and surprisingly, they are.

Studies have shown that astronauts age slower than their earth's counterparts.

Real Life Twins

Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly are real life twins.

They participated in NASA Twin study, effect on humans on space vs earth.

Scott was sent to Space Station for one year while Mark stayed onto Earth.

This study would give real comparable insights, how space travel alters our body composition.

As astronauts travel slightly faster than us on Earth, it signifies that they age slower than their Earth's counterpart.

And that was proved when Scott returned to Earth after spending year on International Space Station.

Looking at the Age gap in comparison to Mark (his identical twin) it was evident that Scott turned younger after spending time in Space.

Quite Interesting!!

Time moved slow for Scott but faster for Mark and that proves time is relative.

So, Scott traveled at less than 1 hour per hour or less than 1 second per second.

That delta difference may be negligibly small (smallest +ve number you can imagine) but that was still less than 1 second per second.

And that is what we term as Time Travel.

Whats the Real Deal

Now we know that time travel could be possible if we travel fast enough.

Theoretically, we can travel more than the speed of light and end up in our own past.

But do you think God and the laws of the universe would ever allow this?

Imagine someone altering the past and that could result in a different today.

In fact, everyday would be a new day because someone went back and changed something.

The theory sounds cool, but at this moment is impossible to even think about achieving.


Because travelling more than speed of light would require negative mass or infinitely long rotating cylinders.

And that is impossible.

So the theory, that we can travel more than the speed of light is contradicted by other laws of physics which makes it undo-able.

We haven't stopped though, we are still researching

Well, are contradicting laws of physics gonna stop us, no way...

Theoretical evidence suggests that time travel may still be possible by entering into Worm Holes.

And certainly may be possible by entering a Black Hole.

Movie Interstellar is completely based of a Worm Hole which eventually saved people of the earth.

Worm Holes

A worm hole, can be thought of as a bridge with two ends, each at distant points in space-time.

There's nothing in this world which is perfectly flat or solid and the idea of worm hole comes from the same very fact.

Every substance in existence in this universe has voids and wrinkles in them.

As this is valid in first three dimensions so it's also supposedly valid for the fourth dimension as well, that is time.

Thus there are minute wrinkles and voids in time as well.

Where do worm holes exist

A terribly complicated question with an even complicated answer..

There are worm holes in space as well and it connects two galaxies.

It's a real and physical phenomenon and through it, you can travel million of miles in few seconds.

You must have heard about Atoms, the smallest building blocks of an element. Imagine yourself inside of an Atom.

You keep going inside at the smallest scale possible by imagination, eventually you will reach a place called Quantum foam.

This Quantum foam is the place where wormholes exists.

As you must have understood by now that these real-life wormholes are way too minute for a human to pass through and even if you could find one, they would be located so far that with the current technology we just cannot reach them.

So, How can you travel in time

We need to develop a technology which can expand these wormholes and enlarge it trillions of times and make it large enough so that we can enter into it, and probably large enough that we can enter into it in a ship.

With that possibility, we can do just more than distant travel in space time.

Imagine a bridge with two ends at the same location but separated by time instead of distance, where would you land if you enter this?


think... think....

The answer is, you will land in the past, and that's the main idea behind time travel.

There should be a machine which can expand these tiny wormholes and enter into it, and you have your time machine.

This is the working hypothetical theory of a time machine.


As per our knowledge, Worm holes are created manually by someone extra terrestrial

Even if we could, it's still pretty rare and pretty difficult finding one.

Unless God wants us to travel to another Galaxies, it ain't happening soon.

If this article has tickled your fantasy, and you want to watch few time travel movies, here are a few to enjoy, mind you these are not just normal movies, but are the epitome of fantasy island. Exceptional master pieces and a must watch. These movies are on the top spot of their genres.
  1. Interstellar : Hands down, the best movie ever created by human beings. Have watched it over 10 times and still get the chills down the spine every time i watch it. This is an inevitable movie, a must watch.
  2. Edge of tomorrow : Again, an awesome movie, thriller with a thought provoking story line. Kind of seems little fake at times but yet it's an awesome watch.
  3. The Time Machine : A very enjoyable movie. Gives you the idea of what can happen if we know the future in advanced.
  4. Deja vu : Watch for the story.
  5. The time travellers wife: Little funny but gives you the feel of funny side of time travel.
  6. Terminator (Series) : A masterpiece of a movie. Presented in multi parts, an awesome movie if you are a tech nerd and fancy time travel.

No signs from the future

No real time travel story has been unearthed so far. We have no physical evidence of any time traveler from the future.

That indicates two things:
  1. Either no one has traveled thus far from the future.
  2. People have traveled but are too cautious to let us know, disguising themselves.
Whatever it may be, we still have made incredible advancement in technology and despite being way too far from achieving time travel or distant galaxy travel we still are at a very competitive edge.

Well, at some point in time, flying aeroplanes and mobile phones were too a distant dream and here you are... reading my article on an internet connection powered via internet by satellites flying in the sky....

Do leave a feedback, if this article provoked your senses and your brain took the leap in space time.


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