Top 5 earphones to buy in 2019 under 5K (50$)

Every one likes pristine music filtered through pure neodymium drivers, you already feel the vibes, don't you...

We have curated a list of top 5 earphones to buy in 2019, and you cannot go wrong with any of these... but they cater a specific price tag, keep that in mind.

Your favorite sound track can sound completely new once again...

There are many earphones out there ranging from 1$ to insanely costly ones, but not all are created equal nor all sound equally good or bad.

You can get a good pair or buds at 5-10$ and call it a day with good enough sound output, but barely do you realize what you are missing on.


While cheap knockoffs can give you booming bass and even good enough vocals but that's not enough.

If you wana know what i am talking about, then try to get your hands on some audiophile who has his hi-res audio player hooked to a portable amp driving a Sennheiser HD650 or equivalent playing interstellar soundtrack.

What are you missing?

The audio separation (Sound stage) as if you are sitting in front of a live performance, the pluck of the guitar, moving of fingers, artists breathing, every nook and corner of the details, both intended as well as unintended, listening to those is a pure aural bliss.

I am warning you though, there is no coming back from there.Once you experience that eargasm, all the cheap knockoffs will sound utter trash to you.

But, as with everything, there is a cost, a heavy one in fact. That kinda setup is gonna cost you around INR 50K or 700 $.

Now that's a lot, for the eargasm i am talking about.

How can you revive?

Now the good part is, you have to start small to reach there and unless you intend to become a serious audiophile, you probably will be good under 100$ at max.

For ex., I used to hook my Sansa Clip+ with Fiio A5 with Grado sr60i, which costed me ~15K INR (~208$).

Trust me you can't even imagine the aural bliss it provides.

In today's era, cellphones have dedicated DAC's which are more than capable of delivering acceptable sound quality, but whats holding you back is the earphone or your headphones.

Cheap ones try to over emphasize on bass or treble and not on overall balance and tend to mush up things.

While you enjoy the audio but you miss out on a lot of details.

For starters, there are names like Sennheisers, Audio Technica, Shure, Sony (high ends), Beyerdynamics, Audeze, Soundmagic (high ends) etc, which make one of the best audio devices out there.

If you are planning to go cheap, then go for the cheap ones from these brands (every big brand target every segment), they will still sound much superior than your cheap ones.

What do we have for you?

We have curated a list of top 5 earphones from major brands which we have used and tested as our daily drivers and which fit into the description pretty well.

These will project your listening experience to the next level, so lets gets started.

Before we start:

Let me give you a very important tip which will change the way you perceive music.

Buy an amp, buy which ever you can but buy one.
Tip: Fiio ones are Cost effective and easily available.

Forget what reviewers say about double amping and stuff when not using line out.

Just try once and thank me later.

Earphones come to life with an amp, every detail just maximizes to a new level.

I used to listen to Sennheiser HD203 without an amp.

My Sansa clip+ used to drive those pretty easily, I was enjoying the aural bliss until.......

Head-fi forums ignited the geek in me to buy an amp and oh boy... till date can't listen to serious music without amping.

Music comes to life with these.

1. Sennheiser CX213 - 12$ (~899 INR)

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz. (Moderate Bass balanced treble)
CX213 is  a good little bud your ears will posses.

We had the gray version of the earphones nothing fancy about it though.

Needless to say Sennheisers are known for their durability and 2 years warranty on their products supports that claim.

The wires on these are pretty solid, durable but definitely not tangle free.

I spend considerable seconds untangling these before making any use of them.

The earbuds themselves are pretty small and will snug fit in your ears pretty easily provided you  use right ear tips.

3.5 mm Jack is gold plated and the connecting wires are pretty durable.

Sound Quality:

These are basic earphones so don't expect it to blow you away but these are million times better than those cheap knockoff which you find under 8 $.

Extra Information:
It has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Knowing the frequency response you can find out the true nature of the headphone.

Lower frequency suggests how deep the bass is going to be.

In case you don't know, the famous bass head cans will have a lower frequency response till 3 Hz, Sony XB1000 for example.

And the higher frequency response denotes how treble will be handled by the earphones. Higher the value higher the handling capability.

So at 20 Hz max lower frequency don't expect any bassgasm but don't be disappointed either.

Its there and its punchy and will satisfy 80 percent of the audience who are not bassheads.

Clarity is good but not the best. Sound stage is rather modest if not good.

Mid's are decent enough, bass is satisfactory for majority of the people.

In short these buds do what a budget bud should do with marginal upgrade in quality from a reputed brand.

But these will still deliver you exceptional clarity and you will hear things you never heard before.

2. Sennheiser CX300 - 47$ (~3400 INR)

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 24 kHz. (Moderate Bass balanced treble)

 They share the same design cue from their younger sibling CX180 and as any other Sennheiser's out there, possess excellent sound quality.

Sennheiser CX 3.00 is the upgraded version of these but they are no good trust me.

They have added a microphone and upped the price.

It still isn't a reason to prefer 3.00 to CX300.

Always keep in mind, any earphone with microphone attached will perform slight less than one without it.

These is a discernible drop in sound quality. You can give it a try if you have a doubt.


CX300 is the big brother of CX180.

It improves upon all the demerits of its younger sibling.

Most of the points for CX180 applies to these but what they do best is cover the shortcomings of CX180.

While the CX180 could get muddied with even little complicated songs.

For ex. No time for caution from Interstellar. 

CX300 does good justice to these.

Needless to say its a huge improvement from CX180.

Good quality bass combined with excellent vocal.clarity.

Sound stage is good for the size of the earbuds.

You may not like the sound signature right out of the box but after some burn in you will be able to enjoy these buds.

3. Sony XB55ap - 27$ (~2000 INR)

Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 24 kHz (heavy Bass moderate treble)

Sony asks a premium for their XB series earphones and they righteously deserve so.

Possessing the finest build quality for the price point they will last long easily, Just be careful if you opt for the one with microphone (its very good though, no issues there).

No micro phonics at all though.

They tend to give up easily, rest apart, things are well covered.

Wires are completely tangle free.

They are available in two variants one with microphone and one without it.

I generally prefer the ones without microphone as they deliver better sonic experience in my opinion. You have to hear the difference to believe this.

Sound Quality:

These are marketed as bass heavy buds and is confirmed by their frequency response.

4 Hz lower frequency response indicates tonnes of bass available for that ultimate eargasm.

They are bass heavy but that comes at  a price.

While you enjoy the bass you will certainly long for that clarity and sound stage.

Don't get me wrong they are the best sounding earphones for bass heads and that's why they have made it to this list and for the price you wont get anything better nonetheless.

There are shortcomings though, which brings us to the next contender which overcomes all its older sibling shortcomings and packs a punch, XB75AP.

4. Sony XB75AP - 47$ (~3400 INR)

Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 26 kHz. (Heavy Bass awesome treble).

They possess the same build quality as XB55AP so nothing new to write here.

While it retains the lower frequency response of Sony XB55AP it can now go higher than 24 kHz to 26 kHz which has turned things in its favor.

There's one very important point about these earphones, which is what type of device you have.

It varies considerably with the audio device.

Sound output will be different on an Android than iOS.

Infact it will be better on Android due to Sound effects available.

These buds are bass heavy as advertised with insane amount of bass your skull can handle and that too without any compromise in the clarity or treble.

Sound stage is also decent.

The clarity is awesome on these combined with the bass is certain to.bring  a smile on your face every time you wear these.

5. SoundMagic E10c - 19$ (~1400 INR)

Frequency Response: 15hz to 22 khz. (Moderate Bass better treble)

Design: Pure metal earpieces shout quality.

Added bonus, it has a three-button remote that works for both iOS and Android.

In case you have not heard of them before, SoundMagic has gained a lot of love in the past few years for their price to performance ratio and excellent audio products lineup.

Where else would you get a dynamic triple driver buds under 70$. Now you know where.

The frequency response suggests that they are tad bit better than Sennheisers in bass response on paper but in reality the difference is not perceivable. 

The bass is strong spitting out a full and rich sound signature, combined with a wide sound stage and good enough treble.

Clarity and treble too is softly pronounced and after little burn in you are definitely going to like these buds.

You will be mighty impressed by the stereo imaging of these buds. Spot on.

That also helps bringing out the wider sound stage which will make your songs come alive, a delightfull listening pleasure for sure.

I have also had PL11 and PL21 from SoundMagic.

PL11 is cheap at around INR 500 (~7$) bucks, and they are goood, if you want to try out SoundMagic and don't want to shell out too much then these are the guys you want. PL21 20$ (~1400 INR)is an excellent earphone

I like them more than the sennheisers, amping them made them beasts.

The reason its are not in this list is because they are very old and may not be available now, else they are top contenders.

Well guys, that was out top 5 earphones to buy in 2019 list, hope this will help you making a buying decision. Stay tuned...


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