Boat Headphone - Basshead 900, Budget King

I am always in search for a good pair of headphones, always...
Being a music lover, a good pair of headphones are always necessary, and this comes from a person who already owns Grado's and Sennheisers. (Grado sr60i and sennheiser 202 II to be precise).
Music is not just the representation of the instruments and vocal but music is Accurate representation of instrument and vocals in the virtual head space which these headphones create.
Give it a try, put on a crap piece of headphones and listen to the highest quality recording you posess.
You may enjoy the music for some time but if asked to pin point the instruments, like cymbals crashing, pluck of the guitar, placement of violin etc, you will feel hopeless answering this.
At first, you may even argue, that you don't want to be bothered with these kind of details and you can still enjoy your music without it.
But, the difference in music between a cheap headphone and a premium one lets say Grado is the same difference as in a…

Create SubDomain in GoDaddy without hosting - link with Blogger

Hey there !!

Creating subdomain without hosting is a topic which i found very less material on web.

I remember, I had to search a lot to find the relevant information.

Creating a subdomain through hosting using cpanel is easy and there are a lot of material available on the internet.

Which is why i decided to make a complete tutorial of making multiple sub domains on GoDaddy withiut hosting and link with blogger.

What is a Subdomain? A subdomain is a domain which is a part of a larger domain and in this case your primary domain.
Why SubDomains? A note before we start, you must already be in possession of a primary domain with any of the domain registrars.
Your domain could be or anything which depicts your blog/website.
Now coming to the question why subdomain?
Assume you have a primary blog/website named where you write about some interesting topics.
Now you want to expand your work and venture in a new category, health.
You now have two choices…

5 working weight loss tips for rapid fat loss - 2nd is the easiest

Want to shed that extra kilos, or shed that first kilo, it ain't has been easy, has it.??

Internet is full of weight loss tips which do not take the science behind the weight loss into consideration and hence either don't work completely or leave something to be desired.

 I have been into health management and weight loss journey since a long time.

And have all the experience to share which will help you loose that sticky fat from your tummy.

All the weight loss tips mentioned below are not just random rants but proven ways to loose weight as fast as possible.

I am writing about these after implementing these on myself first.

Not everyone is blessed like Ectomorph's (the skinny guys who never seem to gain weight)

People who can eat a whole elephant and still look skinny...

I know you are here because you are tired of trying multiple ways to loose fat.

And guess what, none of them worked? or they are extremely hard...

And most of your diet looks somewhat like this, in an …

New camera update for Samsung Galaxy A50

So, finally it's here folks, Samsung's rolling out the much awaited A50 camera update on 14th march, 2019.
Although the camera on Samsung Galaxy A50 is pretty good but it still didn't justify it's price bracket. The update is roughly 136 mb in size.

Also finger print reader feels much faster now, it's not in the leagues of ultrasonic sensors available in Galaxy S10, but it's better than what it was before.

Samsung A50 Camera update optimizing apps

Samsung A50 finishing Camera update

A50 Camera update final.

In case you haven't upgraded yet, it's high time that you do.

Ray Tracing - Game changer, Everything you need to know

What is Ray TracingRay Tracing in computer graphics is newly adopted rendering technique by major graphics manufacturers

It's ability to simulate greater degree of realism with virtual objects is whats making the tech companies go gaga over it.

Ray Tracing will supersede ray casting, scanline rendering, Rasterization and Path Tracing which are still used to render high quality images and games.

Among the list rasterization is something which you will hear quite often.

In fact most of the 3D rendering technique still heavily depend on rasterization as one of the core rendering mechanisms.

Sounds like a mouthful doesn't it? It isn't actually.
Movies uses ray tracing Just imagine how you see objects in real life. It's surprising that you don't see the objects themselves, but you see the light which falls on them.

That creates the illusion of you seeing the object, for example your mobile.

You don't see your phone but you see the light which falls on it and your pu…

Top 5 earphones to buy in 2019 under 5K (50$)

Every one likes pristine music filtered through pure neodymium drivers, you already feel the vibes, don't you...

We have curated a list of top 5 earphones to buy in 2019, and you cannot go wrong with any of these... but they cater a specific price tag, keep that in mind.
Your favorite sound track can sound completely new once again... There are many earphones out there ranging from 1$ to insanely costly ones, but not all are created equal nor all sound equally good or bad.

You can get a good pair or buds at 5-10$ and call it a day with good enough sound output, but barely do you realize what you are missing on.
Why? While cheap knockoffs can give you booming bass and even good enough vocals but that's not enough.

If you wana know what i am talking about, then try to get your hands on some audiophile who has his hi-res audio player hooked to a portable amp driving a Sennheiser HD650 or equivalent playing interstellar soundtrack.
What are you missing? The audio separation (Soun…

Time Travel - things you once thought were impossible

Time Travel We all have done time travel, intriguing isn't?

But we travel with the time. Not faster nor slower.

If we take an hour into account, we travel 1 hour per hour.

What Time Travel actually mean would be to travel either slower than 1 hour per hour or faster than 1 hour per hour.
We actually have achieved time travel Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, shows that time is relative to speed.

Which means faster you move, slower the time moves.

Lets take astronauts into account, at the space station they actually move faster than us on Earth.

Which technically means, they should already be time travelers, and surprisingly, they are.

Studies have shown that astronauts age slower than their earth's counterparts.
Real Life Twins Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly are real life twins.

They participated in NASA Twin study, effect on humans on space vs earth.

Scott was sent to Space Station for one year while Mark stayed onto Earth.

This study would give real comparable…